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Cabinet of Astronomy and Physics with planetarium


The exhibition of Astronomy and Physics displays a wide range of scientific and technological objects from ancient times to the Renaissance period to the present day.

The historical nucleus is formed by the astronomical instruments of Eberhard Baldewein and Jost Bürgi, which were part of the equipment of the first observatory inEurope. Landgrave William IV of Hesse-Kassel had built it in 1560 on the balcony of the castle inKassel. There are also valuable objects (telescopes, clocks) for measuring time and space from the fields of physics, microscopy, optics and balances.  Early examples provide evidence of the development of energy technology (Magdeburghemispheres, Denis Papin steam pump) and of data processing from ancient times to Konrad Zuse's first computer.

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Opening Times

Tues - Sun 10:00 am - 17:00 pm

Thurs to 8:00 pm


Normal: € 3.00

Reduced: € 2.25

Students: € 2.00

Children under 18: free


Regular demonstrations on a variety of subjects:

  • Tuesday         12 am and 2 pm
  • Wedesday      3 pm
  • Thursday       2 pm and 6 pm
  • Friday            3 pm
  • Saturday       2 pm and 3 pm
  • Sunday          2 pm and 3 pm

admission planetarium

Normal: € 4.00

Reduced / Students: € 3.00

Children under 18: € 2.00