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artist necropolis

in the Habichtswald, near to the Blue Lake

The Artist Necropolis is in the Habichtswald at the edge of Kassel, near to Wilhelmshöhe Mountain Park. Around the Blue Lake, in a disused quarry, artists of "documenta standing" erect their own grave stones in their lifetimes and will also be buried there.

A total of 40 tombs are planned. The condition is that the forest of the landscape conservation area is not disturbed and that the grave stones themselves are left there. Harry Kramer saw the Necropolis Project as a new form for art in a public area and not an elite cemetery. He himself dispensed with a grave stone in the necropolis and was buried there anonymously in 1997. The necropolis is funded by a foundation that comes from the private fortune of Harry Kramer.

The foundation is sponsored by the city of Kassel. A foundation board gives advice on artists who are invited to erect their grave stone in the necropolis.


Größere Kartenansicht

How to get there by car:

From Kassel city centre towards Kassel-Harleshausen, Ahnatalstrasse, along Rasenallee to the Bergfreiheit car park. From Kassel Wilhelmshöhe along Rasenallee towards Wilhelmsthal. Left down Ahnatalstrasse to the car park.

How to get there by bus and train:

From Königsplatz with bus line 10 or 19 towards Kassel-Harleshausen to the stop "Sonnenhang", from there approx. 500 m on foot along Ahnatalstrasse to the "Bergfreiheit" car park.


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